Our programs promote the development of one’s total well-being by empowering people of all ages through social, cultural, physiological and recreational experiences. And our classes are therefore designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Fitness/Aerobics program allows members to attend the classes that best fit their schedules. The fitness classes provide an overall workout concentrating on the major muscle groups while incorporating flexibility, stretching and strengthening exercises with attention given to body alignment. The aerobic portion of the class provides a complete cardiovascular workout. Aerobic classes consist of low-impact aerobics, step aerobics or aerobic kickboxing. We also have a combination low impact and toning exercise class (done in a chair) for senior citizens.


For members and non-members alike, the YWCA offers an indoor cycling program for beginners as well as experienced riders. Classes are open to men and women, and a variety of affordable pricing options are available to meet your individual needs.


We offer a wide range of swimming experiences for infants, children, teens and adults that are 166-6637_IMGdesigned to give the participants a good feeling about swimming. Red Cross swimming lessons are available for all ages and abilities as well as private lessons. Specialty classes offered include Waterbabies, Parents, Tots & Toddler Swim, Senior Swim, Splash Aerobics, Water Works, Joint Venture, and Fearful Swim for Adults. Recreational, family swim and laps are also scheduled at various times of the day for our members’ convenience and enjoyment.


We believe in offering recreational experiences that are an avenue to learning, socialization, relaxation and fun. Children can participate in dance, gymnastics, karate, music lessons, and a variety of other seasonal classes throughout the year.


Our Co-Ed and Women’s only weight rooms are designed to give you a total workout incorporating aerobic conditioning and muscle toning while balancing strength with flexibility. To get you started on a program that works for you, one-to-one weight training is available to all weight room members by appointments with weight training staff.

Membership Fees

Members: Women $40 Seniors $35
Associates: Men $40 Youth/Student $30
(If you renew your membership before it expires, you will receive a $2 discount)
Children under the age of 12 are included on a parent’s or guardian’s membership. Men are invited to become associate members, however they will not receive the voting privileges of membership.

Registering for a class
To register for a class or program at the YWCA, simply stop by our front desk at 14 Clayton Avenue. We are constantly introducing new classes, so check out our most recent class guide and follow us on Facebook for Health and Fitness specials and announcements.

At this time, we are not able to reserve spaces without monetary deposit and/or payment. Payments are due PRIOR to the beginning of a class or program.  Participants may not transfer to another class once the session has started (except Fitness and Water Exercise classes).  The YWCA reserves the right to cancel any class. A processing fee of $20.00 will be charged for any returned checks.