2022 Annual Giving Campaign


Imagine what you might do when you realize the man you moved to the U.S. to marry is not who you thought he was.

What if he abused you physically and emotionally, isolated you from friends and family, and limited your access to food and financial resources?

For Joanna* this wasn’t an exercise in imagination. Today you can help others like her.

After fleeing, Joanna spent several months couch surfing with acquaintances. As a young woman with limited English-speaking skills, she didn’t know where to turn for help to escape her dire domestic violence situation.

The pandemic has only worsened domestic violence situations like these and increased the need for our local services. The YWCA is assisting more victims like Joanna, as well as children and men, than ever. Will you help us raise $65,000 by June 30 to support them and the other services Joanna and the rest of our community depend on?

Thanks to the generosity of several of our loyal donors, we have $10,000 in matching funds available! We will use these to match each gift up to $100 until the funds run out. You can track the campaign’s progress here.

Can we count on you for a donation of $50, or more, today to support the Annual Giving Campaign?

We know you understand the importance of all the services we provide in our community. Your support of the Annual Giving Campaign gives us the most flexibility to address community needs like these as they arise.

After approaching another local nonprofit last summer, Joanna found the YWCA Cortland Aid to Victims of Violence (AVV) program. She then began her stay in our four-bedroom, emergency-safe dwelling.

Joanna came to the United States on her husband’s promise that he would complete a Green Card application. She could not work or afford an apartment on her own when he refused to follow through. Due to these unique circumstances, Joanna ultimately resided in the safe dwelling for 219 days, an unusually long stay.

While Joanna’s situation required more financial aid and emotional support than usual, her story underscores the increased demand for services in our community.

Can we count on your gift today so we can continue to provide services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes?

Your support allows other women like Joanna to access AVV services and safely begin the next phase of their lives.

*We used an illustration photo and changed the client’s name for privacy.