Volunteers are integral to supporting our organization and bringing about positive change in the Cortland community. Each year, YWCA Cortland recognizes outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to serving others. These volunteers of the year exemplify the values of compassion, dedication, and selflessness. 

On May 8, at our 2023 Annual Meeting, staff and members of the YWCA community came together to honor these outstanding volunteers and contributors. Please scroll down and read what they had to say.

Maryann Kryger

“When it comes to getting things done competently and efficiently, Maryann Kryger’s name comes to the forefront.  Since joining the YWCA Board of Directors in February 2020, this dynamic woman has made significant contributions as a leader and active member of many committees. Within her first year as a Board member, she worked on the Development and Communications COVID Triage Team to help mitigate the consequences of the pandemic on this agency. She also assumed the responsibility of becoming the Recording Secretary on the Board’s Executive Committee. Maryann’s leadership, vision, and generosity as a member and recently appointed Chair of the Development and Communications Committee have been remarkable.  The huge success of last October’s Chefs Take a Stand was largely due to her efforts.   We are fortunate that Maryann Kryger has used her time and talents for the benefit of the YWCA, and we are pleased to honor her as a Volunteer of the Year.” – Chris Cecconi, YWCA Cortland Member


Nancy and John Sternfeld

“About six years ago, a group of YWCA supporters volunteered to keep up the gardens around the main building at 14 Clayton Ave. Notably, that group included Nancy and John Sternfeld. This group even received a Volunteer of the Year award about five years ago. But since then, most of the group that started out have faded away, like annuals, while Nancy and John picked up the slack like the perennials they are! So, it is with great pleasure that I get to stand here to say a few words about two of our Volunteers of the Year, Nancy and John. They’ve consistently taken care of the YW’s gardens by weeding, transplanting, weeding, and mulching. Did I say weeding? Lots of weeding. I’ve heard comments in the building expressing appreciation for the gardens and wondering who was doing the amazing work. I tell them it’s Nancy and John, of course! Their dedication is especially evident this Spring. You can see the results of their work in the accompanying photos. Please join me in honoring and thanking Nancy and John for their beautiful work on our gardens.” -Angela Loh, YWCA Cortland Board of Trustees President

See Nancy and John’s outstanding work in Angela’s full presentation. 


Greek Peak Mountain Resort

“In 2008, the unthinkable happened to a beloved member of the Greek Peak Mountain Resort family. Wendy Thibeault, a Greek Peak employee since 1995, lost her life to domestic violence. When not working with Greek Peak’s ski school programs, Wendy volunteered with many community events and local nonprofits, including YWCA Cortland’s Aid to Victims of Violence program. Fast forward to summer 2022, when we sought to locate a venue to expand our popular Chefs Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence event. John and Christine Meier of Greek Peak Holdings, and Wes Kryger, Greek Peak’s President, donated the use of their new wedding venue, The Lookout at Hope Lake, for the event that benefits YWCA’s AVV program. Thanks to their generous venue donation, we doubled event proceeds and supported even more members of our community who are survivors of domestic violence. They have again donated this beautiful venue space for our 4th Annual Chefs Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence, which will take place this October on Tuesday, the 3rd. While we mourn the tragedy that created this partnership, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are honored to recognize you as one of our 2023 Community Volunteers of the Year.” -Robyn Hayes, YWCA Cortland Development Director


CFCU Community Credit Union

“When you explore CFCU Community Credit Union’s website, it says one of their most important guiding principles is the belief that giving back to the local communities they serve is essential. It continues that this principle has been ingrained into their company culture through volunteerism and sponsorships, and support of local non-profits. These are just two of the activities they list, among several others. And it’s these two I’d like to talk about tonight. Thanks to CFCU’s philanthropic spirit, YWCA Cortland has had the honor of having one of their Assistant Vice Presidents, Maryann Kryger, serve on our Board of Directors and participate in committees since 2020. You just heard about her from Chris. CFCU has also generously supported your YWCA over the years through donations raised during Community Jeans Fridays and event sponsorships of our annual golf event. Last year, they were the presenting sponsor for two of our signature events, Girls Day Out, and Chefs Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence. This year we are proud to have them as a Persimmon Partner. Our Partners are valued community business leaders who support our mission throughout the year. We thank you for your support and are pleased to honor you as one of our Community Volunteers of the Year.” -Robyn Hayes, YWCA Cortland Development Director