May 08, 2023


The Governance Committee of YWCA Cortland is pleased to report that the following members have agreed to serve an additional three (3) year term: Susan Cerretani, Maryann Kryger, Kristina Marty, and Jennifer Soprano.

The Governance Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominees for election to the Board of Directors to serve three (3) year terms:

Phuong-Binh Duong is the Community Impact Manager with Alternatives Federal Credit Union. She is interested in joining the YWCA Board to expand her capacity to serve people, particularly advocating for increased financial access and wealth-building opportunities for women, low-income, BIPOC, and other communities that have been marginalized.

Gloria Gartenlaub moved to Cortland just over a year ago and upon that move decided to fully stay home to care for her two young boys who are active and frequently visit the YWCA programs. Gloria is passionate about the mission of the YWCA and is excited to join the Board of Directors to devote her time and talents to an organization she finds a safe and loving place for her family and wants to ensure that the YWCA remains a pillar in the community for others.

Barbara Henza is the Family and Consumer Science Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension Cortland County where she provides education to families and individuals experiencing financial difficulties. She conducts classes and workshops in the area of Financial Management and Energy Use Management for public and local businesses. She is interested in joining the YWCA Board to continue her passion to bring financial literacy to Cortland County residents, collectively building a strong community.

Mackenzie Lyman is currently attending Homer High School. She is interested in joining the YWCA Board to give back to the community, especially girls, providing more opportunities to grow, cultivate and create. Mackenzie holds a leadership position as Justice with the YMCA Youth and Government program. She is an active Z-Club member, a volunteer at Loaves and Fishes, and a member of Syracuse Symphoria. She was part of the Miss New York, and Miss America Organizations as a Princess and volunteered in events and fundraisers.

Carrie Whitmore is the Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Tompkins Cortland Community College. She has worked with the YWCA to bring educational programming for staff and clients and wants to expand her involvement and further the great work of the YWCA by joining the board.

Continuing Members of the YWCA Cortland Board of Directors:
Alice Anderson, Cathy Bischoff, Susan Cerretani, Jeri DuVall, Kristina Furi, Tracy Hudson, Maryann Kryger, Mary Lee Martens, Kristina Marty, Camilla Morgan, Suzette Pace, Bonny Renner, Gina Sikora, Jennifer Soprano, Kim Stevens, Susan Williams, Deb Wines, Ginny Wright



The Governance Committee consists of eight (8) members. Four (4) are non-Board Members and four (4) are Board members. The term of office is two (2) years.

Continuing Members of the YWCA Governance Committee:
Jeri DuVall, Gina Sikora, Nan Pasquarello, Mary Dykeman, Kristen Evangelis

The Governance Committee is pleased to present the following slate of nominees for election to the Governance Committee to serve one two (2) year term:

Camilla Morgan joined the board in 2017 and is currently serving as the Board President. Camilla is the Senior Director of Admissions for Cornell University. During her time on the board, she has also Chaired the Program Committee and currently Chairs the Executive Committee.

Molly Lane is the Marketing Public Relations Coordinator at J. M. Murray and has been a long-time supporter of the work of the YWCA.

The YWCA Board President will appoint one Board Member to the committee for a two (2) year term.