Our Group X program offers classes for people of all fitness levels!

If you have a participating health insurance plan you can attend ANY Group X class and use the weight room at no cost, with discounted pool pricing. Check with your insurance provider to see if you’re eligible!

Balanced & Strong: 45-minute class to build strength and improve balance.

BOSU Cardio Pump: Muscle conditioning with an added balance and core

Boomer Nation: Low-intensity aerobics and exercises with a focus on functional fitness, balance, and core. A step up from Silver Sneakers, moderate aerobics for 20-25 minutes followed by a conditioning segment with some optional mat work.

Cardio Combo: Muscle conditioning exercises, abdominal work, and low-impact aerobics.

Cardio Pump: a conditioning class to tone and strengthen the entire body. Tone your body with weights, fitness balls, and more! A great class for any fitness level.

Cardio Kickboxing uses combinations of punches, kicks, drills, and floor work with weights for a great aerobic workout.

Full Body Fit: Rotating Intervals that strengthen and tone all the muscles in your body.

Get Fit Fridays with a different cardio workout format every week.: Different formats every week that include Step, Hi-Lo Cardio, Circuit workouts, and more!

Silver Sneakers Classic®: Have fun and move to the music with a variety of exercises designed to increase Muscular Strength,
Range Of Movement and activities for daily living. Silver Sneakers classic combines 20-minutes is of low-intensity aerobic movement and exercises to improve strength, endurance, and balance. Many of these exercises are performed seated in a chair, using handheld weights, elastic tubing, and a Silver Sneakers ball.

Silver Sneakers® Stability: Improve balance and agility while gaining leg strength to reduce the possibility of falling.