As a member of the YWCA Cortland, you join efforts to eliminate racism and empower women, children, and families. You add your voice to a diverse and powerful sisterhood of 25 million women in 120 countries worldwide. We strive to create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership, and power in order to attain a common vision of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Your membership supports community programs and advocacy efforts to further our mission–a mission that can’t be accomplished without you!

 Membership Benefits:

  • Members have access to a wide array of programs including fitness, health, empowerment, youth programming, and child care
  • Members receive the YWCA Cortland newsletter, program updates, and event flyers
  • Members receive reduced rates on many activities including lectures, workshops, and classes
  • Members have the opportunity to vote in the annual Board of Directors election

Annual Membership Fees:

Family (2 adults + children ages 13-21 using total wellness): $100
Individual: $40
Seniors: $35
Youth/Student: $30
Supporting Membership: $75

The YWCA Cortland is offering a new annual membership level called the “Supporting Membership” designed for those mission based members who wish to support the programs of the YWCA at an annual level of $75 per year. Enrolling in this membership is a statement of your support for the goals and the mission of the YWCA.

Supporting Membership Benefits:

  • Members receive the regular annual membership (above)
  • Members receive invitations to special mission based events
  • Members receive access to the YWCA USA Affinity Groups and Newsletters
  • Members receive periodic updates of public policy initiatives supported by the YWCA
  • Membership provides the opportunity to serve on the YWCA Cortland Committees

Thank you for considering a Supporting Membership! This new membership level brings important support for programs that are empowering women and families and working to eliminate racism in the Cortland Community.

Membership Information:

  • A one-year YWCA Cortland membership is required to enroll in any class or program unless otherwise noted
  • YWCA membership fees are non-refundable
  • Membership dues alone are not a fee for service
  • The YWCA reserves the right to revoke the membership of or deny membership to anyone whose conduct, behavior or language is inconsistent with the principles of the YWCA mission

(If you renew your membership before it expires, you will receive a $2 discount)Children under the age of 12 are included on a parent’s or guardian’s membership. Men are invited to become associate members, however they will not receive the voting privileges of membership.