This year, YWCA Cortland will host the Homer Recreation Swim Lessons! Registration is extended until June 30. Red Cross Level 1-6 swim lessons are for children ages 5 & up. Lessons are free for families that live in the Village of Homer and $10.00 for all other community members.

If interested, print out this registration form and return it to YWCA Cortland. Forms are also available at the front desk.

See below for swim lesson level descriptions:  

Level 1: Students are introduced and work on elementary skills. Blowing bubbles, opening eyes under water, front and back floats, and glides.  Alternating and simultaneous arm and leg movements on front and back are also introduced.  All skills are done with the support of the instructor.

Level 2: Students need less support.  Front and back glides with kicks are taught, and combined arm and leg action on the front for five body lengths.  Students work on fully submerging and holding their breath and front floats for 5 seconds.  Students open their eyes underwater and retrieve objects.  Treading water is introduced as well as exploration of the deep end.

Level 3: Front and back glides are unsupported. Front and back crawl become more accomplished. Rotary breathing for front crawl, dolphin kick and elementary backstroke will be introduced.  Students will be able to jump in the deep end, and diving (from the knee) will be introduced. Students will increase their time of treading water to 30 seconds.  Lessons will be in the deep end.

Level 4: Instruction includes coordinating front crawl (25 yards), backstroke (15 yards), elementary backstroke (25 yards), breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly (15 yards). Dives are done from a standing position.

Level 5: Shallow angle dives from the side are introduced. Flip turns for front crawl and backstroke are worked while swimming. All stroke distances (except front crawl and elementary backstroke, 50 yards) are increased to 25 yards.  Treading water is increased to 5 minutes.

Level 6: Strokes are perfected and done with flip turns.  100 yards of front crawl and elementary backstroke.  50 yards for back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Feet first, tuck, and pike surface dives are taught. Treading water using only a kick for 2 minutes and survival swimming for 10 minutes.

Swimmers must pass all skills to move to the next level.