The YWCA Health & Fitness Program welcomes women, men, and teens and promotes living a healthy lifestyle.

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Spring/Summer Swim, Gym, & Recreation Schedules and Pricing (May 1 – August 25)     

Fall Swim, Gym, Recreation Schedules and Pricing (September 5 – December 31)

Summer Pool Schedule (June 26 – August 25)

Fall Pool Schedule (September 5 – December 30)

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YWCA cancellation policy
The YWCA reserves the right to cancel any class. Classes may be canceled or postponed due to insufficient registration, inclement weather, or unforeseen circumstances. If a class is canceled by the YWCA, members may receive a credit voucher or a refund. Otherwise, the YWCA can only provide refunds before a class begins or for medical reasons, with a Dr.’s note.  We cannot provide a refund or credit due to absences. We will accept a written physician’s excuse. The refund will be pro-rated.