The YWCA offers a wide variety of gymnastics classes for a range of ages.

Pixie Gym: Parent and toddler gym class for 1-2-year-olds. An instructor will lead you in games, songs, and age-appropriate activities, such as climbing on structures, crawling through tunnels, and whooshing down slides.

Pre-school Gymnastics:  Introductory gymnastics class for children ages 3-5.

Pre-school Gymnastics I: Introductory gymnastics with parents and their children ages 2-4.

Beginner Gymnastics: Advanced gymnastics for children ages 5-12.

For class dates and times, check the current schedule in our Health and Fitness Directory.


We have multiple Open Pickleball times available at the YWCA. See here for a current listing of available dates, times, and pricing.  A maximum of 14 players can sign-up for up to 2 hours of pickleball time.  Players should call (607) 753-9651 to get the link to reserve their space.  They can also email Health and Fitness Director Meryl Fish,