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21-Day Challenge / April 4 – May 2 / Weekdays

Week of Action / April 25 – 30 / Daily

Check Out the Stand Against Racism Program!

Please join with YWCA Cortland for the April Stand Against Racism presented by Visions Federal Credit Union. Our collective efforts can root out injustice, transform institutions, and create a world that sees women, girls, and people of color the way we see them: Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.

Stand Against Racism (SAR) takes place annually in April and is a signature campaign of YWCA USA to raise awareness about the negative impact of institutional and structural racism and to build community among those who work for racial justice. SAR is one part of our larger national strategy to fulfill our mission of eliminating racism. Founded by YWCA Trenton and YWCA Princeton in 2007, SAR quickly grew to a national presence by 2010, when an additional 80 local YWCA associations nationwide participated. In 2019, over 134 YWCAs along with community organizations participated, holding over 179 events across 44 states and the District of Columbia.

Stand Against Racism Challenge

21-Day Challenge / April 4 – May 2 / Weekdays

Explore a different equity and social justice topic each week:

Recognizing Bias / Living Wage / Film & TV / Health & Safety

Registration is now open / Challenge begins April 4

The Stand Against Racism Challenge is a virtual learning tool designed to create dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

Participants will download the Stand Against Racism App for their phone/tablet or log into the challenge website. They will then be presented with 21 days of impactful challenges such as reading an article, listening to a podcast, reflecting on personal experience, and more.

Participation in an activity like this helps us to discover how racial injustice and social injustice impact our community and allows us to connect with one another and identify ways to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination. 

YWCA Cortland wants to thank and acknowledge Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., Debby Irving, and Dr. Marguerite Penick for their leadership in the field of racial equity as exhibited in their 21 Day Racial Equity and Habit Building Challenge and the movement they helped to initiate. YWCA’s content is independently designed, written, and curated by YWCA staff as part of racial equity and social justice programs offered to the community.

Click on the graphics above to learn more about the Challenge and why you should join!

Racial equity work is consistently underfunded. YWCA needs your help to provide high-quality programming like our Stand Against Racism Challenge.

Make a $21 investment in your anti-racist development and challenge yourself to encourage 21 other people to take the challenge and match your $21 investment.

Stand Against Racism Week of Action

Week of Action / April 25 – 30 / Daily

Take action through a different sphere of influence in your life each day

Stand Against Racism 2022 Theme:We Can’t Wait: Equity and Justice Now!

Our country was founded on the idea of building a government of the people, by the people, for the people. More than two hundred years later, this vision has yet to be fully achieved. We say enough is enough. We must work collectively to root out inequity in our communities and in the institutions that compose our society, and demand justice and equity.

Join us during this year’s Stand Against Racism Week of Action as we bring awareness to racism within our communities and connect with others to build pathways toward racial equity and justice.

Mon, Apr 25 / Personal / Watch a video of the Check Your Privilege Finger Exercise and read the article Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh and reflect on the different ways white people and people of color experience the world. Share the content with your networks.

Tue, Apr 26 / Civic / Tune into the Village of Homer Board Meeting at 6:00 pm during which Mayor McCabe will read a resolution to demonstrate support of an equitable community by promoting the Cortland County YWCA’s “Stand Against Racism” week, April 25-30, 2022. Join the City of Cortland, Cortlandville, and Cortland County meetings on the below dates to see your representatives take a stand against racism. 

April 19/ 6:00 pm: City of Cortland Common Council Meeting

April 20/ 5:00 pm: Cortlandville Town Board Meeting

April 28/ 6:00 pm: Cortland County Legislature Meeting

Thank your representative for taking a stand against racism.

Wed, Apr 27 / Community / Check out the Responding to Everyday Bigotry. Speak Up! publication by the Southern Poverty Law Center to learn how to recognize bias in our everyday lives and get tips on how you can speak up against bigotry and racism.

Thu, Apr 28 / Business / Look for local businesses displaying the Stand Against Racism poster and thank them for taking the pledge. Share photos on social media and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Access the printable pledge poster

Fri, Apr 29 / Action / Show your commitment to racial justice. Take the pledge to stand against racism. After you take the pledge, you will have access to social media graphics that we hope you will use and share.

Sat, Apr 30 / Education / Join Cortland Free Library Youth Services for a read-aloud of Bedtime Bonnet, by Nancy Redd. The children will learn about different hair and headwear, followed by a fun and engaging craft! Registration is required to attend.

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