“I learned that the impact of systemic racism has made it impossible for most Blacks to live the American Dream, the American Dream of pulling yourself up by your boot straps. If you don’t have boots, you don’t have straps to grab onto!”

Daniel R Brown, Executive Director, Racker


“As a white American, I am more privileged than I realized.  I take many things for granted:

  • from simple daily conveniences, such as being able to buy hair products locally or shop without a suspicious salesperson trailing after me
  • to financial security, such as being able to get a loan, rent or buy a home anywhere that I can afford, and succeed at work without anyone asking whether I got my job and promotions through my own efforts rather than an affirmative action “handout”
  • to health and safety, such as prompt access to COVID vaccine, no worry that the medical system is using me as a test subject, view that police are here to protect – not kill – me, no fear that a routine traffic stop is a threat to my life”

Alison B King, PhD


“The series has been very beneficial and I learned a great deal. I especially liked the time we spent on micro aggressions which can be very subtle while greatly harmful. I also felt our presenters worked very nicely together and with the members of the study group.”


“It is of utmost importance to listen, learn, and take action in order to promote anti-racism. Examples: as White people, we need to hold our friends and family accountable. Supporting local businesses owned by people of color is important. We must avoid using stereotypical comments and microaggressions. Listen to a person of color to understand, but not to respond.”

Deborah Wines


“I was taught from an early age by my parents not to be racist. I was a Non-racist. What I learned in this series is, to say and believe that passive stance is nowhere near enough- I have to act. I need to immediately recognize microaggressions (even in my own thoughts) and have those difficult conversations with my nonracist friends who unknowingly may use them. I have to look for opportunities to speak out- and to always do so. I have to be Anti-racist.”

Sara Earl


“I now understand the extent of my white privilege. There were opportunities provided to me, to my military vet parents, to my immigrant grandparents, that would not have been offered if their skin was of color.”

Sara Earl


“Everybody counts or nobody counts…”

Philip Tennant