Dear Valued Pool Member, 

As Health and Fitness Director, I am very proud of our aquatics program and the water exercise classes we provide to our members. This is especially true for Joint Venture, a class that is so beneficial to improving our range of movement, balance, and overall well-being.   

Since 2020 and post-pandemic, there has been a sharp decline in attendance. The drop in numbers is most significant in the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning classes.  Class numbers have also been inconsistent in the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes 

Your YWCA Cortland membership is the main reason for the ongoing success of our health and fitness programs, therefore, I am seeking your valued feedback!  

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You are welcome to call or email me at the contact information provided below. I am looking forward to your feedback and continuing to bring health and wellness to you and your families. 



Meryl Fish 

Health and Fitness Director | (607) 753-9651