On Monday, May 8, YWCA Cortland’s Board of Directors held its 2023 Annual Meeting of the Membership.

This year’s presentation, “Saving The Past For The Future,” by YWCA Cortland Member Andrea Rankin featured a special look at over 100 years of our YWCA’s history and accomplishments. Attendees also learned about upcoming opportunities to preserve our historic building to ensure another 100 years of serving the needs of the Cortland community.

At the meeting, a subcommittee of the YWCA Maintenance Workgroup launched a survey we are conducting to prepare for applying for state preservation funds for our building.

We encourage all community members to take the survey by midnight on June 10.

You can view the “Saving The Past For The Future” presentation slides in two formats at the links below.

Saving The Past For The Future – full slides

Saving The Past For The Future – slides with comments