Get your sweat on at YWCA Cortland!

The YWCA offers an assortment of exercise options for individuals of all levels of fitness.

  • Co-ed and Ladies only weight rooms are open at 7 am M-F, 8 am Sat.
  •  5:15 pm Group X class on Monday & Wednesday
  •  5 pm and 6 pm Water X class  Tuesday & Thursday
  • Pickleball 4:30-6:30 pm Wednesday
  • 11:30 am-12:30 pm Lap Swim M/W/F  11-12 T/Th
  • And Much More!

Spring 3-month Exercise Specials!

Unlimited Group X classes $130    Unlimited Water X classes $165

Unlimited Laps $155                          Unlimited Weight Room $115

Additional discount for age 60 and up.

Combination Group X/Weight Room, Laps/Weight

Room & Water X/Weight Room available.

*Price includes a 1-year YWCA membership


 Already a member? Check out the 3-month special pricing!

Unlimited Group X $123    Unlimited Water X $165

Unlimited Laps $141             Unlimited Weight Room $98.

Combos are available for members too. Specials are available from April 11-April 29.

Does your exercise membership expire in May?

Take advantage of this special to extend your unlimited exercise for three more months.