YOU helped YWCA Cortland win a $10,000 prize from the Cortland Community Foundation.

Tom Gallagher, the Cortland Community Foundation’s President, presents a check to Kelly Tobin, YWCA Cortland’s Executive Director.


By participating in one of the biggest giving events in Cortland County, YOU helped your YWCA win a $10,000 prize and made your donation count more! The Cortland Community Foundation’s National Philanthropy Day contest raised over $380,000 for 41 local nonprofits, and the Foundation awarded $30,000 in prize money. The amount raised this year beats last year’s record and shows us that the spirit of giving is alive and well in the community.





Thank you to the Cortland Community Foundation for holding this annual fundraising contest and congratulations to the other prize winners!

Highest Total Dollar Amount Raised
1st place: YWCA Cortland
2nd place: CNY Living History Center
3rd place: Lime Hollow Nature Center
4th place: Cortland County Family YMCA

Highest Number of Donations Received
1st place: Cortland Repertory Theatre
2nd place: Cortland County Historical Society
3rd place: Center for the Arts in Homer
4th place: Cortland Free Library