With the help and guidance of local artist Molly Reagan, some of our GEMS Girls Group will be working on expanding the YWCA lobby mural in the evenings from August 28 through September 1.

GEMS, or “Girls: Empowered, Motivated, Successful,” is a support group for girls who would like to be part of the community in a fun and unique way. The girls share experiences, learn to stay healthy, do creative projects, and serve the community. They are working to make smart life choices and become confident leaders. Opportunities like this mural are a great way to focus their energy on something they can be proud of!

To complete this colorful new addition for our YWCA, the 15 girls participating will need paint, painting supplies, and dinner for each evening they spend painting away. 

There are a few ways YOU can contribute:

  1. Make a monetary donation so that we can purchase any supplies we may need.
  2. Bring in gift cards for either painting supplies or food. 
  3. Donate paint brushes, paint rollers, plastic sheeting, etc. 
  4. Provide a home-cooked dinner for the painters.

Please contact Mindy Gardner at bridges@cortlandywca.org if you have questions about gift cards, paint supplies, or food donations.