YWCA is the largest child care provider in Cortland and operates two licensed daycare centers. As such, we are asking for two minutes out of your day for a quick call, at the very least, to make sure Albany hears our voices and that we are loud in response to the lack of commitment to early learning care in New York State. We want to ensure our community is heard and that we speak for those who do not have a voice, our children. Increased investment in child care from the state is critical to our community and the future of our children. Do not worry about your message; more important is that the Governor’s office is receiving an influx of child-care-related calls in favor of more support, and it logs all our calls.

Governor Cuomo made NO proposals in his January 8, 2020 State of the State address to strengthen or support child care.  We have ONE WEEK  to make clear to the Governor that the Executive Budget MUST contain a substantial investment in child care.  New York’s child care system, our children, our families, our dedicated child care educators cannot go another year without investment.

It is essential that the Governor include a significant investment in child care THIS YEAR to prevent more child care provider closures, and to ensure that more low-income families have access to high quality, safe, affordable child care.

Here’s How You Can Help Today

Please CALL Governor Cuomo on Friday, January 10, Monday, January 13, and/or Tuesday, January 14. If 50 of us call each day, we can tie up the lines, be heard and make a difference!

Call 1-518-474-8390

  • To leave it on a voicemail: Press 1
  • To leave your message with a person: Press 2

Possible messages to convey:

  • I am deeply disappointed that in the Governor’s State of the State address, there was no mention of child care at all. That is unacceptable. New York’s child care system is in crisis. There has not been a significant increase in child care funding from the state in many years.

Because of that:

  • Parents have trouble finding affordable child care so they can work and support their families.
  • When they can’t find it, children are at risk of being placed in unsafe care.
  • Child care providers – most of whom are small businesses – can’t make enough to make ends meet so they are forced to close and lay off staff.

I am also very troubled/upset:

  • That the Governor appointed a Child Care Availability Task Force in 2018 to study this crisis, and the Task Force presented interim recommendations to you several months ago, but did not mention their recommendations in the State of the State address.

Please share this post with your families, friends, neighbors, networks! It is ok if people receive this message multiple times.

Thank you for your continued support of YWCA Cortland and our mission.