Make an Emergency Gift Today!

Dear Friend,

Extreme challenges require extraordinary responses.

YWCA Cortland was mandated to close its ONLY income-generating programs on March 17 in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

This situation drastically affects our ability to serve Cortland County.

YWCA requires immediate funding to operate its programs, including its two FREE-OF-CHARGE services, Aid to Victims of Violence and Mentoring, which serve the most at-risk members of our community.

Will you please make an immediate donation of $100, or more, today to help the most vulnerable members of our community?

Imagine Angie, a victim of domestic violence, now forced to stay in her home 24 hours a day with her abuser, who has lost his job. As stress levels rise in the home, our data shows violence will escalate for Angie and her children.

Your gift today will help Angie access the essential services she will so desperately need from the Aid to Victims of Violence program.

Now consider Jessie, a child in our mentoring program. He can no longer meet one-on-one with his mentor due to social distancing guidelines. This weekly mentoring time was helping him develop the resiliency skills and self-esteem that will last a lifetime.

Your emergency donation today will allow Jessie and his mentor to receive guidance from the Mentoring program on ways to keep in touch and continue their supportive relationship in ways that don’t require face-to-face interactions.

Your gift today matters more than ever to provide emergency support to vulnerable women and children, like Angie and Jessie.

Make an Emergency Gift Today!

If you are making an online donation, please consider adding an additional 2% to your gift as we are charged this amount per online transaction.

Checks can be mailed to YWCA Cortland, 14 Clayton Ave., Cortland, NY 13045.

Thank you for standing with YWCA Cortland and please stay safe.