YWCA Cortland celebrated with Giving Circle Donors on Friday, June 14, 2019 at the Lynne Parks ’68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House, a celebration made possible by generous sponsors in recognition of this outstanding and vital $100,000 fund raising campaign.

Past Executive Director, Amy Simrell introduced this year’s honoree, Kathy Compagni. Kathy came to the YWCA as a SUNY Cortland student and volunteered to teach swim classes. After graduation, she married Joe, a Cortland/Homer native. Fortunately for us, they remained in the area. Kathy’s children and grandchildren grew up attending the YWCA. Kathy served on the Board of Directors and subsequently became board President and has been an enormous asset to our mission. Kathy was nominated to the YWCA USA Board and has just completed her multi-year term. She is still active in the YWCA World Organization and at the local level. Many thanks to her for all that she continues to do for us and our community.

Kathy’s address was a summary of her personal highlights at the YWCA. She ended her remarks with a thank you to all who supported her.

Our Giving Circle Donors help to make the YWCA the supportive, mission-based organization that we are. Thank you to all.

Special thanks to our donors and our sponsors, with appreciation for the evening’s musical entertainment provided by: Deidre Buckley, violist and Stephen Wilson, pianist. GEMS program participant, Lazetta Watson read a poem composed by GEMS and Brittanni Corson also a program participant, was the evening’s photographer.

The Giving Committee is grateful to the Lynne Parks ’68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House for providing us with the perfect setting for our event.

Our major sponsors were: Cortland Eye Center, Cortland Hearing Aids, Hage Real Estate, Kendal at Ithaca, Merrill Lynch/Bill Maffei and Walden Place.

To learn more about the Giving Circle, contact Mary Coffey or Robyn Hayes at 607-753-9651.