New Board Members Elected at YWCA Cortland’s Virtual Annual Meeting

Community Volunteers and Outgoing Board Members Also Recognized

YWCA Cortland’s Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting on Monday, August 10 via Zoom videoconference. Voting members of the organization approved the proposed slate of nominees to the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.

YWCA Cortland also recognized several community volunteers and outgoing members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.


New Board Members
Anna Maria Addonisio
Nikki Davi
Maryann Kryger
Kristina Lambright
Mary Kate Morris
Jennifer Soprano
Kim Stevens
Adrianne Traub
Allison Veintimilla
Ginny Wright

Continuing Board Members
Alice Anderson
Ann Blanton
Catherine Cullen
Regina Grantham
Mary Clare Hatch-Pennello
Nancy Kroot
Camilla Morgan
Bonny Renner
Maureen Roberts
Kathy Sharer
Carol Van Der Karr
Dianne Webster
Susan Williams
Deb Wines

Outgoing Board Members

Christine Hannon
Christine served two terms on the Board of Directors and chaired the Association Planning Committee. Christine led the development and tracking of our current 5-year strategic plan, which ends at the end of this year.

Madelyn Kilmer
Madelyn was a senior at Homer HS when she served on the Board of Directors. She actively participated in our Board discussions during the year of her service. Madelyn also worked with our GEMS program. GEMS stands for Girls: Empowered, Motivated, Successful.

Alison King
Alison served two terms on the Board of Directors and co-chaired the Advocacy Committee with Andrea Rankin in recent years. The committee has developed talking points on childcare, promoted voting and voters’ education, provided educational materials on social justice for our childcare programs and training for the Board, among other activities.

Angela Loh
Angela is completing her second three-year term on the Board of Directors. While on the board she chaired the Finance and Audit Committee, the Housing Committee, and has served as the organization’s President since 2018.  Angela routinely attended most, if not all the YWCA 20 + committees to connect the work of each group ensuring overall momentum forward. Angela is now joining the Board of Trustees.

Andrea Rankin
Andrea served two terms on the Board of Directors, co-chaired the Advocacy Committee, and is an active member of both the Giving Committee and Housing Committee. In addition, Andrea supported all the YW programs in so many different ways that is impossible to enumerate them all here.

New Trustees
Angela Loh
Sue Sherman-Broyles

Continuing Trustees
Carol Janik
Merle McKown
Mike Stapleton
John Whittleton

Outgoing Trustees
Sandy Attleson
Sandy served on the Trustees for three terms, culminating as chairperson in her last term. Every year, she organizes the Trustees’ Angel Fund in support of YW staff members who would benefit from extra support during the holidays. Sandy was also the president of the Board of Directors from 2008 to 2010, when the YW launched the largest capital campaign in its 100-year history.

Paul Lorenzo
Paul served on the Trustees for three terms and brought his accounting skills to bear on managing the endowment and assets of the YW.  Paul is a consistent supporter of this organization and is one of a growing group of men using our fitness facility.

Volunteer Awards
Jim Baranello
Jim is the YWCA Attorney who has been there for the YW through many challenging times. His services have increased during COVID as he has navigated some of the many HR questions that resulted from staff changes and employment issues. In addition, he has been donating his time and expertise to help the YW’s Housing Committee develop an LLC for the new and exciting housing project. Jim is, and has been, very generous to the YWCA and has been a Kitchen Tour sponsor.

Matt McSherry
Matt is the YWCA Auditor. He has provided much needed consulting through the COVID crisis. He has helped the YW navigate the Paycheck Protection Program and other COVID-related resources available to us. He is always quick to hop on a call with our team and to research questions. Matt’s business, Port, Kashdin and McSherry, has been a long-time major sponsor of the YWCA Golf Tournament.

Community Awards
Cortland Community Foundation (CCF) & United Way for Cortland (UW)
Both of these agencies have greatly supported YWCA Cortland year after year, CCF with their Philanthropy Day contest opportunity and United Way with funding for YW programs like Mentoring and Aid to Victims of Violence.

When COVID hit in March and our local 211 was inundated with phone calls asking where people could go for assistance with food, diapers, and childcare, these two agencies joined forces to provide financial support directly to the local organizations who were trying to provide these essential services.

Together, CCF and UW partnered to create the “Cortland Cares COVID Fund.” The aim of this was to support local nonprofits’ operations to deliver food and services to those most affected by the COVID health crisis. CCF jumpstarted the fund with a $25,000 contribution set up as a matching fund.