With Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 16, you may be wondering how you want to highlight the importance of Dr. King’s message and movement for equality with your children in an age-appropriate way.

Here are three steps to get started!

1. Watch

Start with engaging content that addresses race and racism in an approachable and appropriate manner for young children. Check out this half-hour PBS Kids Program, which shows authentic conversations between real children and their parents “about noticing differences in race, understanding what racism can look like, and embracing the role we all have to play in standing up for ourselves and each other.”

Be sure to check out the other articles and printable guides available on PBS to learn more!

2. Learn

Dive into the life of the most influential civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by checking out this MLK fact sheet provided by the YWCA Cortland Mentoring program. 

3. Create

Print out our MLK coloring pages and help your child(ren) think of their own dream for the future of equality. When you have finished, we’d love to have you bring any completed coloring pages to the YWCA or email pictures of them to amandac@cortlandywca.org so we can display them proudly!